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Simple. Strategic. Completely free.

How it works
  • Starting position

    When the grid is pulsing, select a starting position. Once both players have selected a starting position, a player will be chosen at random to go first.

  • Roll or dig

    When it’s your turn, you can choose to either roll or dig. If you choose roll, the die will roll between 1 and 6. The cells you can move to will then be highlighted. Players can only move in a straight line. Click on the cell you want to move to.

  • Warm or cold

    Each time you move you'll see whether you're "warm" or "cold". “Warm” will only show if you are within 2 cells of the treasure in any direction, including if you are on top of the treasure; the only way to find out is to dig!

  • Special items

    Special items are placed in random positions on the grid and are marked by a “?”. When on top of a special item, you can dig to get the item. These items can allow you to see which row or column the treasure is in, or give you an extra turn.